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Comenius Projekt (englisch)


Programm für lebenslanges Lernen

Background information

Comenius is a European Union programme, started in 1995, to encourage cooperation between schools and to support exchange trips between partner schools.  It has been part of the European Union Programme for Lifelong Learning since 2007. In Germany the “Padagogischer Austauschdienst” is responsible for the programme.

Our application for inclusion in the Comenius Programme was accepted shortly before the summer holidays in July 2013. The programme is supported financially by the European Union.

Title: “What colour is tomorrow’s energy?”

Participating Schools: Pascal Gymnasium and


College le Verger in Auray

14, Rue du Verger

Auray Cedex

56406 Frankreich  (Bretagne)


             Standort der französischen Schule


East Point Academy

Kirkley Run


Suffolk , NR 33 OUQ

ENGLAND (Südost)  


 Standort der englischen Schule


Escola E. B. 2 / 3 da Gafanha da Nazaré

Rua Dr. Joaquim António Vilão

Apartado 82,

3834-908 Gafanha da Nazaré

PORTUGAL (Aviero, historisch Beira Litoral)


Standort der portugisischen Schule

Project duration:  September 2013 – June 2015


  • Mutual understanding of the different local energy resources (Grevenbroich, D/brown coal; Lowestoft, UK, offshore windpark; Auray, F/ Gafanha da Nazare, PT, water and wave energy) as well as the pros and cons of these resources from the point of view of sustainability.
  • Support the European spirit through personal contacts.
  • Language learning (English as a working language)
  • Cultural exchange
  • Develop European inter-school communication.


  • Year 6: Language courses (English/French) “My school/my town/our festivals, regional traditions and sports”: Students produce videos and leaflets.
  • Years 8/9: Courses in Bilingual-Politics (Year 8) und Biology/Chemistry (Year 9). Investigation of regional energy resources from an economic, scientific and political point of view: Students create Powerpoint-Posters. Groups of students from each country (Years 8/9) will visit each other from the spring of 2014 and present their project results.



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